Mnangagwa’s Hospital Has No Working X-Ray Machine Since Mugabe’s Removal In 2017
30 April 2024
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Zvishavane, a key referral hospital in Zimbabwe’s Midlands Province, has been operating without a functional X-ray machine for over eight years, highlighting severe neglect in healthcare provisions in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s home village town. The equipment breakdown dates back to the political transition that saw Robert Mugabe ousted in 2017, leaving the local healthcare facility in a dire state of disrepair.

During a sobering visit last Friday, Deputy Minister of Health and Childcare, Sleiman Kwidini, expressed deep disappointment over the state of the hospital. According to reports by the MasvingoMirror, Kwidini criticized the hospital staff for their lackadaisical management of the health centre. The Deputy Minister’s remarks shed light on a range of systemic issues, from outdated equipment and poor record-keeping to a lack of essential drugs and resource mismanagement.

Local residents have voiced their distress, with complaints about the hospital staff’s casual approach to healthcare, particularly pointing out the impact on vulnerable patients. “Expecting mothers are dying from negligence,” shared one concerned resident, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

In his visit, Kwidini did not mince words about the urgency of rectifying these critical issues. “We understand that their X-ray machine has not been functioning for the past eight years. It is our duty to ensure that this is up and running. We will allocate them machines that will enable them to carry out their duties,” he assured.

Despite the longstanding neglect, there is a glimmer of hope as the Deputy Minister emphasized that infrastructure development and improving service delivery remain top priorities for the government. “Improving the quality of health care services is a top priority for Government. Several initiatives have been put into place to improve infrastructure and development in the health sector,” Kwidini stated.

Local resident Blessing Simango welcomed the minister’s visit and highlighted the daily challenges faced by the community due to the inadequate healthcare services. “We wait for long hours in the queue with nurses sleeping on duty. People die due to negligence, particularly expecting mothers,” Simango lamented.

The visit from the Deputy Minister marks a critical step toward addressing the longstanding healthcare deficiencies in Zvishavane, but the community remains wary and hopeful for swift and tangible improvements.