Brett Muvhet vs Wilbert Mukori On Al Jazeera Documentary
11 March 2023
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While Brett Muvhet says the upcoming Al Jazeera documentary #GoldMafia is a waste, analyst Wilbert Mukori has a different story and he says:

What the Al Jazeera documentary will do is put the meat on the bones! We all know there is corruption and looting in Zimbabwe but few know how much is being looted, how and by whom. The documentary is going to answer all these questions and lot more besides. What we do with the information is our business.
We can and should use the Al Jazeera documentary to remind our SADC friends that they had been taken for fools by Zanu PF because clearly corruption is the root cause of Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown and not the sanctions as Zanu PF had them believe.
Given the eye watering sums of money involved and the individuals in positions of power and authority involved in the looting, it is clear those involved would not want to lose the looted wealth and thus bankrolled Zanu PF’s election to ensure the party remained in power and the looting continued. For every dollar the opposition was able to raise Zanu PF raised a thousand times that and more! How can the election ever be a fair contest under these conditions!
There is a lot that we can get by running with this A Jazeera documentary, it will be a great pity if we fail to do so.