BREAKING: Mai Titi Convicted
13 June 2023
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Comedian Mai Titi, who was born Mai Titi, has been found guilty of stealing entrusted property. She has been detained in custody until this Wednesday when the sentencing will take place.

The comedian faced charges of fraud and theft related to entrusted property after failing to repay a debt of US$10,000 and using a rented car as collateral.

In May, she attempted to have the charges dropped, but a Harare Magistrate rejected her application, stating that she had a case to answer.

Mai Titi in Trouble for Borrowing US$10k and Using Rented Car as Collateral

According to court documents, in 2022, Mai Titi approached the complainant, who is the director of a car rental company named Liberty Vazhura, with the intention of hiring an Audi Q5 vehicle.

“She allegedly reached an agreement to make weekly payments of US$770, and a lease agreement was signed,” stated the court papers.

However, Mai Titi failed to fulfill the weekly payments and was subsequently instructed by the complainant to return the vehicle.

Allegedly, she avoided returning the car, prompting Vazhura to report the matter to the police. Following an investigation, the motor vehicle was eventually recovered.

In the magistrate’s ruling, it was stated that this incident was “a clear instance of theft involving entrusted property.”