60 Passengers Stranded In South Africa
2 May 2024
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By- Chihwa Tours has dumped more than 60 passengers travelling from Cape Town to Zimbabwe at its offices in Bellville, South Africa.

Online news reported that the passengers have been sleeping outside the Chihwa Tours offices since Sunday after the bus they were travelling in broke down in Worcester four days ago.

The stranded passengers allege the bus company is refusing to issue them with refunds.

Two adults and one child have reportedly been admitted to hospital for medical conditions after sleeping outside the company’s offices.

The passengers say there is no water or toilet facilities and many haven’t eaten for days, while children are getting help from strangers passing by.

One passenger who spoke to Eyewitness News said:

We are here because we want to go home. We have paid to go home. We have got our tickets, we have got our luggage tickets with us but the bus broke down on Sunday.

Another passenger said:

Children, old people, sick people, a lot of people are getting sick here now.

A third passenger added:

We are still living here, the conditions here are not comfortable now because there are some women with children and also there are sick people, 60 people in this room.

The passengers said they paid R1,500 each for a ticket and an additional R2,700 for their luggage.

The bus company, Chihwa Tours, told Eyewitness News they are trying to fix the situation.

However, the stranded passengers said Chihwa Tours had been making empty promises for the last four days.