Chiwenga’s Bodyguard Says I Saw Marry Trying To Kill VP in SA
27 June 2023
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Trial of Marry Mubaiwa, Ex-Wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, Continues with Testimony of Fourth Witness.

VP Chiwenga in SA hospital, picture released by wife

The trial of Marry Mubaiwa, the former wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, entered its latest phase as the State called its fourth witness to testify in court. The charges against Mubaiwa stem from an alleged attempt to kill her then-husband, Vice President Chiwenga, by unplugging his life support system while he was hospitalized. The dramatic events allegedly unfolded in June 2019, and the trial has been ongoing since then.

The latest witness, Major Godfrey Nyoni, took the stand to provide his account of the events surrounding the incident. Major Nyoni testified that he had followed Vice President Chiwenga to South Africa on June 25, 2019, three days after the family and others had left for the hospital. By that time, VP Chiwenga had already been admitted to a hospital in South Africa for medical treatment.

Major Nyoni, who was part of the security team accompanying the Vice President, stated that he witnessed Mubaiwa attempting to kill her husband and remove him from the ward secretly. He explained that upon their arrival in South Africa, the security team was divided into two groups to ensure round-the-clock surveillance of VP Chiwenga.

According to Major Nyoni’s testimony, on the evening of July 8, 2019, while he was on duty, Mubaiwa arrived at the hospital and requested privacy with her husband. She ordered Major Nyoni, Sergeant Mugari, and Dzungudza to leave the ward. However, they returned after hearing the door being opened and discovered Mubaiwa trying to leave the ward with the seriously ill VP Chiwenga.

Major Nyoni confronted Mubaiwa, but she did not disclose her intentions or where she intended to take the Vice President. He noticed that Mubaiwa was holding VP Chiwenga’s hand and appeared to be pushing him. Major Nyoni informed Mubaiwa that the VP was bleeding from his right hand and requested her to allow them to wash his pyjamas.

With the assistance of Sergeant Mugari, Major Nyoni safely returned VP Chiwenga to his bed and called for hospital staff to reconnect the medical equipment. He also reported the incident to Dr. Mangwiro and Major General Mashava, the principal staff officer for the Vice President.

The following day, Major Nyoni and Sergeant Mugari took photos of the blood-stained t-shirt worn by VP Chiwenga before washing it. These photographs were presented as evidence during the court proceedings.

Major Nyoni further revealed that there were no noticeable CCTV cameras in the ward at the time. He noted that after the incident, Mubaiwa would occasionally visit VP Chiwenga, but there were instances when she did not return to the hospital for two to ten days.

Additionally, Major Nyoni testified that Mubaiwa would shout at Dr. Mangwiro, accusing him of administering incorrect medication to the Vice President.

The trial is set to resume on July 6, with Mubaiwa’s lawyer, Ms. Beatrice Mtetwa, cross-examining Major Nyoni. Mr. Lancelot Mutsokoti is representing the State in this high-profile case.

As the trial unfolds, the court will carefully consider the evidence and testimonies presented. The proceedings are crucial in determining the truth behind the alleged attempt on Vice President Chiwenga’s life. The outcome of this trial will undoubtedly have significant implications for all parties involved and the political landscape of the nation.