End Of The Road For Vehicle Owners With Impounded Cars
6 July 2023
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HARARE City Council is set to auction at least 142 vehicles impounded for violating traffic laws and never claimed by their owners who would have to pay fines and charges to get them back.

The municipal yesterday published a list of all unclaimed impounded vehicles that have overstayed in the City of Harare Central Stores yard and issued a 30-day ultimatum before the vehicles are auctioned off.

Some of the vehicles that remain unclaimed were impounded between 2013 and 2016.

Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes Benz and Land Rovers are among the vehicles on the municipal list.

Municipal traffic police have of late been cracking down hard on illegally parked cars and those spotted picking up passengers at undesignated pick-up points. Most impounded or towed away cars are quickly reclaimed by their owners, but there is a growing list of those that seem to have been abandoned.