High Court Bars 12 CCC Candidates from MP Candidacy in Byo Despite Judge Announcing They Clearly Filed Papers Way Before 4pm
27 July 2023
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BULAWAYO – In a shocking turn of events, 12 candidates from the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) have been barred from participating in the upcoming August 23 elections for Members of Parliament in Bulawayo, despite evidence and even judicial announcements that they had submitted their candidate applications on time. The contentious ruling was issued by Justice Bongani Ndlovu, sparking widespread outcry and allegations of judicial manipulation.

Justice Ndlovu’s ruling came as a surprise to many, as during the court proceedings, it was established and even acknowledged by the judge himself that the CCC candidates had indeed filed their nomination papers before the 4 PM deadline. Nelson Chamisa, the leader of CCC, expressed disbelief and deep concern over the decision, calling it a grave injustice to his party and the democratic process in Zimbabwe.

Supporters of CCC have taken to the online forums, protesting the court’s ruling, which they believe has unfairly favoured the ruling party, Zanu PF. Many are questioning the impartiality of the judiciary and are demanding transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

Justice Ndlovu’s ruling has raised doubts about the integrity of the election, with accusations of political interference and manipulation being levied against certain factions within the government. Concerns are mounting that the disqualification of CCC candidates could result in an uneven playing field and undermine the credibility of the entire electoral process.

Adding to the controversy, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube, a prominent figure from the Zanu PF party, is now set to be elected unopposed, as it were. This development has fueled suspicions among the opposition and citizens about the ruling party’s involvement in the disqualification of the CCC candidates.

The situation has garnered international attention, with several human rights organizations and foreign governments calling for an independent investigation into the matter. They are urging the Zimbabwean authorities to ensure that the electoral process is free, fair, and conducted without any bias or undue influence.

Nelson Chamisa and the CCC leadership have vowed to appeal the ruling to the highest court, seeking a fair resolution to what they consider an outright violation of their democratic rights. The case has become a focal point of concern for democracy advocates both within Zimbabwe and abroad.

As the legal battle unfolds and tensions escalate, the people of Zimbabwe are anxiously awaiting a just and transparent resolution to this highly contentious issue that has the potential to impact the democratic future of the nation.