Madhuku Addresses Self In Goromonzi
5 August 2023
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In a passionate rally held in Goromonzi North Constituency, Mashonaland East province, NCA Presidential Candidate, Professor Lovemore Madhuku, made significant promises to the people of Zimbabwe just twenty days before the upcoming elections. Addressing a crowd of over one hundred enthusiastic supporters, Madhuku outlined his party’s core focus and agenda if elected to office.

Highlighting the paramount importance of a constitution aligned with the needs of the people, Professor Madhuku firmly asserted that the NCA would prioritize the creation of a new constitution. He passionately declared, “Constitution is the basis of our problems. NCA is in politics to ensure that Zimbabwe has a constitution which speaks to the needs of the people. We are different from other political parties in that we are the only party that has realized that we have a bad constitution. All of you must go and tell others the beauty of NCA.”

This dedication to constitutional reform sets the NCA apart from other political contenders and underscores their commitment to shaping a better future for Zimbabwe. Professor Madhuku’s assurance of a new constitution tailored to the people’s needs resonated deeply with the gathered supporters.

Further outlining his party’s vision for a more equitable society, Madhuku pledged to provide free education and health services to all Zimbabweans. “We are going to make sure that free education and health become a reality when we form the government,” he emphatically stated, eliciting enthusiastic cheers from the crowd.

On the subject of his opponents, Professor Madhuku asserted that he stands on equal footing with the other ten candidates on the ballot. He noted that while Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has ruled the country, the remaining contenders have no advantage over him. Exuding confidence, he urged the electorate to vote for Lovemore Madhuku and encourage others to support the NCA.

Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections, scheduled for the 23rd of this month, have intensified the campaigning efforts of all political parties as they vie for voter support. The NCA’s rally in Goromonzi North Constituency showcased Professor Lovemore Madhuku’s practical approach to addressing the nation’s pressing issues, particularly the need for a new constitution and the provision of essential services to all citizens.

With the elections drawing near, citizens are closely observing the promises and pledges made by each candidate, seeking a leader who will champion their interests and bring about positive change for the country. As the campaigning intensifies, Zimbabwe remains on the edge of anticipation, waiting to cast their votes and determine the future path of the nation.