SADC Exposes Nevers Mumba A Well Known Convicted Mnangagwa-Agent, The Best To ‘Prosecute’ ZANU PF, So There’ll Never Be An Excuse for Dictatorship
20 September 2023
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By Editorial Team | The just released ZBC documentary against SADC has exposed ZANU PF and cleared the body of any bias in its findings from the 2023 elections, because the video’s fixation-the observer mission statement-announcer, Nevers Mumba is well known for over 27 years video as a sworn ZANU PF propaganda-agent, participating in Emmerson Mnangagwa’s prophetic mafia since 1995 (and even 5 months ago even recorded a notorious video protecting the disgraced Zim Govt ambassador Uebert Angel and Mnangagwa against a law enforcement investigation) and so SADC’s choice of an electoral head who is traditionally pro Mnangagwa seals the door against all manner of blame shifting or excuse accusing the body over bias, as he is organically more than neutral of which it should be @nelsonchamisa @CCCZimbabwe and others who are disadvantaged by any bias.

Mumba admits operating under Mnangagwa’s prophetic mafia head, Andrew Wutaunashe since 1995, and as late as August 2023, was still getting phone directions from Mnangagwa’s disgraced prophet Uebert Angel, for whom he recorded a video lying for him that Zimbabwe has sanctions on gold transactions.

So notorious was Mumba to the extent that he even nearly compromised his appointer by making the observer mission all about himself, says analyst and editor, Dr Brilliant Pongo, adding that Mumba is using his role for political campaign and strategic blighting of the SADC Chairperson of Defence And Politics, President Hakainde Hichilema.

There can therefore not be any grounds against Mumba, a mere statement announcer/reader, or the mission over accusations of bias.
RECORDINGS: 1. Nevers Mumba’s notorous Mnangagwa protection video. .

  1. Interview of Nevers Mumba on 26 Aug 2023 confirming he has been participating in Mnangagwa’s prophetic mafia since 1995.
  2. Andrew Wutaunashe’s sermon on 10 Sept 2023 saying Mumba was even present when Mnangagwa was prophesied as a future president. – ZimEye Editorial