Chamisa Prepares For Fresh Elections
2 October 2023
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By- The opposition Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) says it was preparing for fresh elections to be caused by SADC following the disputed August 2023 Harmonised Elections despite President Emmerson Mnangagwa declaring that there won’t be a rerun.

Posting on X, CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi stated that SADC will preside over fresh elections that will be managed by a new elections management that will replace the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

This comes after regional and international electoral observer missions, including SADC, AU (African Union), EU (European Union), Commonwealth, and the Carter Center, condemned the elections.

Mkwananzi asserted that CCC is currently seized with organising and mobilising towards a fresh election. He said:

The decision to conduct a fresh election in Zimbabwe is not Mr. Mnangagwa’s decision. It is a decision of all Stakeholders in Zimbabwe and the region.

We are aware that Mr. Mnangagwa barred Mugabe from leaving office in 2008 when he had lost to Tsvangirai and had chosen to do the right thing and pave the way for the newly elected President.

This was revealed by Mnangagwa himself, boasting that he and his lot had wantonly disregarded the will of the people and forced Mugabe to stay.

As CCC, we have already refused to accept the result. President Nelson Chamisa and his Chief Election Agent did not sign off on those sham results. 

President Chamisa has already stated that what is currently governing is an illegal, illegitimate interim de facto arrangement.

Our focus is on organising and mobilizing towards a fresh election which will have to come through a Transitional authority shepherded by SADC and a new, independent and professional body in place of ZEC.

We continue to urge the Citizens of Zimbabwe not to despair or be discouraged.

Mr. Mnangagwa will be dragged to a fresh, free and fair election kicking and screaming. A fresh election is inevitable.

Let us use every peaceful and democratic means available and permissible to bring forth the elections.