Chamisa Finally Humiltates Mudenda, Mnangagwa
26 October 2023
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CCC President Nelson Chamisa Addresses Allegations Regarding Party’s Structure

By Farai D Hove | Amidst the growing unrest and political turmoil, CCC President Nelson Chamisa has stepped forward to counter allegations questioning the structural integrity of his party. This revelation comes as a significant move to counteract the growing narrative of Chamisa leading a party without concrete structures.

Jacob Mudenda, the Speaker of Parliament, in a sudden move, recalled Chamisa’s MPs. This decision was reportedly made based on the instructions from a lesser-known individual, Tsabangu Sezengo, who self-proclaimed himself as the CCC’s Secretary General. The rationale behind such a recall is unclear, but speculation suggests it’s an attempt to undermine Chamisa’s leadership and the strength of the CCC.

In an exclusive interview with Xolisani Ncube, Chamisa clarified his party’s stance. “When we say strategic ambiguity and a structureless structure, it’s just to confuse our opponent, and it doesn’t mean that we are not structured. We are thoroughly structured,” Chamisa stated.

Elaborating on the party’s reach and influence, Chamisa added, “We have a footprint far and wide across the whole country. You go to rural areas. We are everywhere in every village… we have dominated and this is what explains even in a flawed and bogus election like the one we had, we won emphatically, the Presidency.”

Chamisa did not shy away from addressing the controversial election results. “We won but we were not declared, Mr Mnangagwa is the one who was declared but he did not win, and there is no better evidence to that than what he has shown. There has not been ability and capacity within their rank and file to even celebrate because they know that they did not win. Even amongst themselves, they know that they did not win this election. So we did win because of a structured approach, a formidable approach. We won the majority in parliament. Apart from the 104 MPs that they have allocated to us, we won much more. In fact we had a majority in parliament, even local authorities…”.”

Highlighting the strength and success of his party, Chamisa said his strategic and structured approach is the reason behind his significant victory.

He said not only did they secure the Presidency, but they also won the majority in parliament.

As the political landscape remains tense, Chamisa’s declaration serves as a beacon of hope for his supporters, reaffirming the party’s strength and vision for the country’s future.