Masvingo Prophet Says A Man With Sm*ll Manhood Loves Women
10 November 2023
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By A Correspondent

Zimbabwean men are said to be buying manhood enlargement charms excessively in order to please their small houses.

Prophet Isaac Makomichi from Masvingo who is always visited by men for manhood enlargement juju says those with small organs are prostitutes and are not satisfied by one woman.

Many men testify that their weapons have increased by more than 7 centimeters after using Makomichi’s muthi, although others say that Makomichi uses the power of Satan to make his herbs. On the other hand, many women testify that they were given a love potion by Makomichi which helped them improve their love life.

Makomichi says that men who mostly buy manhood enlargement muthi are loose and they are doing it to please their prostitutes.

The “Prophet” says that people with small manhood love women too much, so their chancez of going to heaven are slim.

Other pastors say that they support Makomichi’s statement that most men who wants to enlarge manhood are doing it so that he will end up committing prostitution. Some men are left without money for food and take money to take to Makomichi to buy juju to enlarge their machines. Another woman says that her husband took this medicine and his manhood grew but he is not committing adultery. The debate on this matter is growing because some are saying that men should be satisfied with what God has given them while others are saying that some manhood are too small.Last year Makomichi gave his number +263777469342 to the media saying that everyone who wants to enlarge his machine must contact him.

Dissatisfaction with one woman is what made many men go to aquire such juju to enlarge their manhood.

” My brother went there (to Makomichi) and was given that juju it worked, but from then on he started to become an extreme prostitute because every time he comes, the sex workers praise him because of his manhood.

People are encouraged to accept what they were given by God.