Madzibaba veShanduko Assaulted By ZANU Thugs While Protecting Hon Cheza
27 April 2024
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Chamisa Supporter Madzibaba VeShanduko Assaulted While Defending Colleague

By Dorrothy Moyo | In an incident of political violence, Madzibaba VeShanduko, a fervent supporter of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, was assaulted today while trying to protect a fellow supporter during a public gathering. The supporter, known by his religious moniker but whose real name is Godfrey Karembera, reported the incident from Mabvuku Police Station where he sought refuge and filed a complaint.



The altercation occurred when Mai Cheza, another prominent supporter of Chamisa, was reportedly slapped by unidentified assailants during a heated exchange. Karembera, in an attempt to shield Mai Cheza, found himself the target of a sudden and brutal attack. “When they slapped the honourable on her cheek and I had gone to protect her, that is when they all descended on me,” Karembera recounted the harrowing moments to the media.




Eyewitnesses at the scene described a chaotic situation with several individuals attacking Karembera, who is well-known in the community for his peaceful activism and distinctive red robe. The police have begun an investigation into the incident, and officers at Mabvuku station confirmed that several statements have been taken and a search for the assailants is underway. 




The assault on Karembera highlights the increasing tension and violence seen in political gatherings in recent times. This event raises serious concerns about safety during political engagements and the apparent targeting of opposition figures and their supporters. 




Human rights organizations and political analysts are calling for calm and a thorough investigation into the incident to ensure that those responsible are held accountable. “Such acts of violence threaten the democratic process and must be addressed promptly to prevent further escalation,” said a local human rights advocate. 




As the situation develops, the community and supporters of Chamisa are rallying on social media and in various forums, condemning the attack and calling for peace and respect for democratic rights. The police have assured the public that they are doing everything possible to bring the perpetrators to justice and have appealed for anyone with information about the incident to come forward. 




Madzibaba VeShanduko is currently receiving medical attention for injuries sustained during the assault. The incident has sparked widespread condemnation from across the political spectrum, emphasizing the need for tolerance and peace in the lead-up to more heated political engagements expected in the coming months.