“Effect sweeping changes to curb abductions”
12 November 2023
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The ongoing  abduction of innocent citizens by suspected members of the Central Intelligence organisation CIO is now alarming and denting the already battered image of the country.

If the abductors are indeed members of the  internal branch  then there is an urgent need for sweeping changes or complete overhaul of the CIO leadership unless if the Office of the President and cabinet OPC  issues a convincing statement.

The arbitrary abductions have to a larger extend exposed  the entire intelligence system in Zimbabwe.

This is a very sad chapter in the history

Of Zimbabwe where the citizens are leaving in fear of their own guards

Mr President sir,we are feeling insecure in an environment where our security agents are caught on the wrong side of the law.

Our lives are not in safe hands Mr President sir and failure to fire unprofessional operatives will continue to compromise the security of the state.

It is my sincere appeal to the Head of state to stop the brutal attacks of the citizens unless if it is a package of the government’s vision 2030.

Stop the unprofessional brutal attacks on citizens today.

The Southern African Development Community Sadc extra ordinary summit on the 4th of November 2023 should debate and reprimand the Zimbabwe leadership if it is to restore sanity and build  an nclusive Zimbabwe..

The country is leaving in fear and the presidium should quickly act on these serious human rights violations.

We are now gravely concerned with the injection of  unknown substances into the victims’ bodies by the abductors.Please explain to us the substances injected into the victims’ by the security agents.

We are now leaving in fear of our state security agents.

President Mnangagwa must stop the unprofessional contact on the struggling and powerless citizens.

Kurauone Chihwayi