Judgement Over Murder Of CCC Mother, Moreblessing Ali
27 November 2023
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By Court Correspondent | The judgment in the case involving ZANU PF member Mr. Pius Jamba, accused of murdering former Zengeza MP Job Sikhala ‘s client Moreblessing Ali, a CCC mother of two, has been postponed to December 4, 2023. High Court judge Esther Muremba mentioned that she is still considering the verdict after the State presented its case last week.

Jamba allegedly killed Ali, decapitated her, and disposed of her body in a well at his mother’s homestead in Beatrice in June 2022. The decomposed body was found a few days later and remains unburied to this day. Despite seven witnesses testifying against him, including his mother and sister, Jamba denies the charges, claiming he was framed due to political tension in the Nyatsime area.

The incident began at a Night Club in Nyatsime where Ali had a confrontation with Jamba. After leaving the club with her friend Mayironi, Ali was allegedly attacked by Jamba, leading to a struggle. Mayironi was injured during the altercation, and Jamba fled the scene, claiming he was coerced into admitting the crime later.

“He pelted stones from the catapult and threw bricks directed at the night club so that nobody would manage to apprehend him or rescue the now-deceased…

“The accused took the now deceased from the vicinity of Chibhanguza Night Club to an unknown secluded place 

“The accused person struck the deceased using an unknown instrument with the intention to cause her death, he strangled the now deceased using her trousers thereby causing her death.

“The accused then used an unknown instrument to cut the body of the now deceased into three pieces consisting of the upper torso and two legs,” the State outline says.

The accused then went on to throw the deceased body into a well at his mother’s homestead.

The deceased remains were discovered by the suspects mother a few days later.