Mass Deaths At Mnangagwa Gold Runner’s Collapsed Mine
6 January 2024
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By James Gwati- Mines Minister Soda Zhemu has confirmed the mass loss of lives at Redwing Gold Mine in Penhalonga, Manicaland province. 

The mining concession, operated by Mabvuku-Tafara MP Pedzai Scott Sakupwanya, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Gold runner, witnessed a tragic accident on Thursday between 0500-0600 am.

Statement Highlights:

  • Suspected Trapped Miners: 11 individuals are suspected to be trapped underground approximately 20 meters below the surface.
  • Cause of Collapse: A suspected earth tremor is believed to be the cause of the mine shaft collapse, with the source yet to be determined.
  • Rescue Attempts: The rescue team, led by Metallon Gold at Redwing Mine, along with provincial inspectors, went underground around 0900 am but had to retreat due to ongoing ground instability.
  • Continued Rescue Efforts: Despite challenges, the team attempted another rescue at 1200 hrs, witnessing further collapse. Metallon Gold asserts its capacity for the mission.
  • Mining Practices: Metallon Gold Redwing is reported to have been tributing mining areas, including to individuals. The collapsed shaft was under tribute, managed by Metallon Gold, raising concerns about safety practices.
  • Collapsing Ground: Visible ground cracking and subsidence add to the peril, indicating an unsafe environment.
  • Rescue Collaboration: Metallon Gold, Ministry of Mines, ZRP, and Civil Protection collaborate in the ongoing rescue effort.
  • Future Rescue Activities: Due to unsafe conditions, rescue activities are set to resume the next morning, maintaining hope for successful outcomes.

Minister Z. Soda (MP), Minister of Mines and Mining Development, issued this statement on 04 January 2024.