Gold Mine Dismisses Nelson Chamisa Supporters
26 February 2024
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Source: Masvingo Mirror

Reports from Shurugwi indicate that Cynthia Gold Mine is engaging in discriminatory practices by refusing to employ individuals associated with the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party.

According to sources cited by The Mirror, the mine is conducting vetting procedures among its workforce and terminating the employment of anyone found to have affiliations with the CCC.

Peter Mashaya, a board member of the mine, reportedly made this stance clear when speaking to The Mirror.

Mashaya openly stated that employees are facing consequences for their support of CCC councillors from Makusha Suburb during elections.

With approximately 300 workers employed at the mine, Mashaya’s statement carries significant weight.”I will say this openly, we are no longer entertaining any CCC activists at Cynthia Mine,” Mashaya asserted.

He went on to express a sentiment of exclusion, suggesting that individuals aligned with opposition parties should seek opportunities elsewhere.

His remark, “People from the opposition should go and eat from their father not from our father because it won’t be fair,” reflects a discriminatory attitude towards those with differing political affiliations.

The alleged discrimination against CCC supporters at Cynthia Gold Mine raises concerns about fair labor practices and political freedom in the region.

Such actions not only violate the rights of individuals to participate in the political process but also undermine principles of equality and non-discrimination in employment.

While Cynthia Gold Mine has not officially commented on these allegations, the reported actions highlight the need for vigilance in safeguarding democratic principles and ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and equitably, regardless of their political beliefs.