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Breakthrough For Zimbabweans In South-Africa


Rita Makarau Flees as UN is Called To Disband ZEC

Makarau Flees as United Nations Is Called To Disband ZEC

Posted by ZimEye on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Ignatious Chombo says Zimbabweans working in South Africa under the Zimbabwe Special Dispensation Permits which expire on the 31st of December, will only be able to know if they will be able to renew their permits in South Africa without disrupting their work at the end of next month.

In an interview with state media  in Harare, Dr Chombo said SADC ministers of home affairs were invited to a conference on migration by their South African counterpart where they were requested to contribute to the South African migration policy.

He said Zimbabwe’s proposal was that those already holding the special dispensation permits should be allowed to renew their permits in South Africa without being forced to return to Zimbabwe.

Over 197 000 Zimbabweans who got the special dispensation permits in 2013 have raised concern that they may be required to return home to process their documents and thereby disrupting their employment.

South Africa has a long history of employing immigrants from neighbouring countries and last weekend’s migration indaba aimed at ensuring that foreigners are properly accounted and cared for in South Africa.  – State Media

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  • Zwelibanzi

    So where is the breakthrough? Renewal or not will only be known end of next month. whether renewal will be in South Africa or back in Zim not yet known. Only a proposal was made for renewal to be done in South , that will either be acepted or rejected. I can not see the break through editor.

  • Patrick Guramatunhu

    Zimbabwe must do something to revive her own economy and stop forcing its people to be wanders!

  • Musorobhangu

    Address the causes of the the Great Trek of Zimbabwean people to South Africa. It’s not about renewals and non-renewals of permits.

  • Zimbo

    Poor headline editor. Can’t see any breakthrough.