Top Historian Scoffs MDC-T & Baba Jukwa’s Mugabe-Ouster-Wishful


A senior Zimbabwean historian who alone foretold the end of Rhodesia under Ian Smith, Diana Mitchell, has played the role of discouraging efforts by Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party and the faceless democracy activist Baba Jukwa, causing them to go back to the drawing board.

The red clad MDC supporters can even become as numerous as the sand of the sea, but they will be wasting their time to think that they can remove Robert Mugabe and his ZANU PF party through the ballot, according to Mitchell. They will never make it even using an Arab spring model attempted by the faceless Baba Jukwa campaign which up to the elections last year coordinated an effort labelled the Vapunduki movement.

Mitchell has a credible track-record as a historian and also being the first to canonise Zimbabwe’s liberation war heroes at a time when they were internationally regarded as terrorists at the peak of the war in the late 70s.

According to Mitchell, the red-clad MDC supporters enslaved themselves to wishful thinking when they thought they would be able to remove Robert Mugabe from power at the just ended national elections in July.

“Any Zimbabwean, at home and abroad could or should have predicted with absolute certainty that Robert Mugabe and his acolytes would never allow power to slip from their hands. One wonders if the masses of red-clad MDC supporters seen at rallies in the major cities truly believed that their visible numbers and their wishful thinking could somehow vanquish the old dictator. They have learned, once more, as we former `white liberals’ learned in our past, anti-Rhodesian Front struggles, that a `level playing field’ is the first requisite for electoral success in a developing country,” she said.

She added saying that Mugabe learnt from former Prime Minister Ian Smith how to effectively stay in power.
“Ian Smith taught Robert Mugabe that control of all the institutions of government – which included the incorporation of the national media – was all that was needed to ensure perpetual rule for the incumbent government. It was the horrific deaths among a relatively few civilians and a miniscule, white-led military, along with a lot of external support for African nationalist freedom fighters, which succeeded in overturning 88 years of white minority rule.

“Without weapons or powerful external support, how could free Zimbabweans in the MDC or its leadership have forgotten those lessons of the recent past? So recent are those lessons for now, Zimbabweans will cling to peace as a preferred option. The flames of the Arab Spring’s violent revolutions are not an attractive model for change right now.”

Last year the Baba Jukwa campaign coordinated an effort to organise the so called Vapanduki former civil servants with the hope of removing Robert Mugabe using an Arab spring model of protest move. True to Mitchell’s pediction, the initiative did not take off.

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  • Gugugu Magorira

    She is correct.Zanu pf and Mdct are the same.

  • Bozongwana

    Tsvangirai ita marally.He he, vanhu vanondida.Diwaka!!!Anotonga ndiMugabe, kwete iwe.Marally nekudzinga vari kukuudza chokwadi.manje uri fuza chairo.At the moment, problem ndiwe chete.

  • Mprang

    Tsavangira ngaadedze all oppostion leaders for a dialogue now !!!!!!!!

  • La Liga

    Your top historian should always come to the point that no matter how Zimbabweans cast their vote zanu pf will subvert that. Yes everyone agrees that without electoral reforms elections will be a waste of time. Vote rigging is Mugabe’s survival strategy.

  • Joe

    Ndiyo survival yeZanu but kusvika riinhi? Come 2018, that’s end of PF and they want make sure Big Boss Tsvangi is gone before then.Ngwarirai machinja…..

  • mupfanha washefu

    As long as the momentum is kept the walls of Jericho will crumble. A historian talks of the past not the future. A prophet looks into the future, history is about yesterday’s story, Mugabe shall fall.

  • Mhandu

    Actually she is correct. I like Mdc, but I truly believe her words are true.

  • Shuttle

    I agree with Mitchell when she says mugabe is using all the government institutes to cling onto power, because he has turned them into zanupf institutes. No matter how long the struggle will take, we will keep on fighting for the total independnce of zimbabwe. One day is one day it will happen.

  • changa

    Hapana chisingapere chisingapere chinoshura zanu pf richava dowo serisakambo dyiwa nyama

  • alih berry

    @ bozongwana i lyk u n yo comment


    How DEEPLY IRONIC for former Rhodesians to talk of “a level playing field” as if they afforded us blacks anything resembling that in the armed struggle for Zimbabwe!!

    When Mitchell talks of MDC-T lacking “powerful external support” she is wrong coz it’s an open secret that the opposition party is a creation of the powerful western puppet-masters; hence futile but persistent efforts by western ambassadors like Christopher Dell, Charles Ray, Bruce Warthog, sorry Wharton, Bronnert in meddling in its affairs…coz it’s theirs!!

    When Mitchell talks of “…without weapons…” is she suggesting that MDC-T should engage in an ARMED INSURRECTION??!!

  • Lethal Kamudhosvo

    The vote rigging in Zimbabwe does not only need a historian but all Zimbabweans to ensure it wont happen again. The road map to free and fair elections should be revived now or otherwise 2018 will be characterised by bloodshed.

  • omuhle

    Does the reporter know the meaning of these words he’s using? Historian is not the same as prophet or fortune teller. Canonise is not the same as recognise or give credibility.
    Besides, just becoz some people don’t wear red and don’t run around shouting chinja doesn’t mean they’re not MDC. Mugabe will be removed by those closest to him. The undercover chinja agents like Gono, Mujuru, Ngwena and Bona.

  • Cheninga Zendera

    Zvimbwasungata hazvifi zvakatonga nokuti Zimbabwe ndeyeropa ramadzibaba.

  • Skumbuzo

    The top historian is part and parcel of Zanu (PF) propaganda. It’s not surprising that she was given a commercial farm originally owned by an unfortunate by capable white farmer. The historian is bad news. She must shut her mouth and report history and not foretell the future because she is not a prophet. Only the Lord can tell us when he will remove the selfish, evil and wicked politicians masquerading as liberators