Obert Mpofu Does Not Speak Of Diamonds Again
22 February 2018
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The era of insulting each other is over and both the Government and ruling party are seized with  the programme to develop the country, Zanu-PF’s secretary for administration and Home Affairs Minister, Dr Obert Mpofu said yesterday.

Speaking in Bulawayo yesterday during the occasion to receive equipment under the National Railways of Zimbabwe recapitalisation programme, Dr Mpofu said the party had successfully weeded out bad apples and was now geared for the transformation of the country’s economy.

“Things have changed. The meetings that we convene now are developmental as opposed to insulting each other. Those who were in the habit of insulting others were removed from the party. We are now working with people that want to see this country developing,” said Dr Mpofu.

“We have all listened to President Mnangagwa when he speaks. He never insults or condemn other people. He only speaks of development.”

Dr Mpofu said it was exciting to know that the once vibrant NRZ will be revived and create thousands of jobs for the people of Bulawayo.

“The DIDG Group has realised that Zimbabwe is being transformed and showing signs of potential. President Mnangagwa has always emphasised the need for Diasporans to invest in the country.

“He has also stressed the need to fight corruption in order for the country to develop.
We’re extremely excited about this programme. Such developments had become rare in the country,” he said.

“We’re happy that this is a project that will create thousands of jobs for the people of Bulawayo. Factories had been transformed into churches. What has happened today is a sign that President Mnangagwa is determined to revive the country’s industries. Bringing his delegation here shows that he has love for the people of Bulawayo.”

Dr Mpofu commended President Mnangagwa for promising to improve the welfare of the workers at the NRZ. Minister of State for Bulawayo provincial affairs Cde Angeline Masuku also said she was excited by the prospects of a revitalised NRZ saying this will no doubt impact positively on the performance of other downstream industries in the province and the whole country.

“The selection of Bulawayo province as the venue for this landmark event is testimony to the unique symbolic relationship that we have with the railway entity.

“Despite the operational challenges that the NRZ has been facing due to antiquated equipment and infrastructure, the NRZ has remained a cornerstone of Bulawayo province’s industries,” said Cde Masuku. -state media