UPDATED: Mugabe Says He’s Still Popular And It Was Tsvangirai’s People Who Marched Against Him On 18th Nov
15 March 2018
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By Staff Reporter| Former President Robert Mugabe has spoken for the first time since being removed in the military coup last November.

The interviews were conducted by the SABC, the Times of London and the South African Sunday Times. In the interview, Mugabe reveals his “inner feelings” after being removed after 37 years of being “hero worshipped” as a liberator.

Mugabe said he still remains popular. He added alleging that only MDC-T people in Harare marched on the 18th Nov last year.

He denied responsibility for the Gukurahundi massacre; saying that Zapu had arms and he had to act.

Mugabe also said he fears nobody, “kill me for the truth if you want,” he charged.

His wife Grace stood by in the corner. He also added saying, “Many people died for this country some merely for being loyal to me during coup in November doing their job.” – PICTURES: