Mnangagwa Was Never A Crocodile Gang Member, He Was Only Inspired By Them, Says Chando
12 June 2018
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“Emmerson Mnangagwa was not part of the famous crocodile gang. He was inspired by them but never was never a member.” – Jonathan Chando.

The below is a write up with correlates with that of the famous historian Terrence. O Ranger that Mnangagwa was nowhere near the famous five.

The Crocodile Gang comprised five-members and was formed in 1964 in Zambia under the leadership of William Ndangana.  It staged acts of sabotage under the banner of the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) party. The gang is said to have paved way for the birth of the Second Chimurenga war as it was assigned to conduct acts of sabotage meant to distract and destabilise the Ian Smith led government. It operated in the eastern part of the country, mainly in Mutare, particularly in Nyanyadzi and Chimanimani. It collapsed after the 4th July killing of Pieter Johannes Andries Oberholzer.