Clayton Masekesa Assailants Remanded In Custody
13 June 2018
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Mutare Journalist Clayton Masekesa

By Own Correspondent| There was jubilation at Mutare magistrate court Wednesday afternoon as six men who assaulted Mutare journalist Clayton Masekesa before sharing his humiliating experience on social media were remanded in custody to 26 June 2018.

The six who tortured Masekesa over allegations of cheating with one of their colleague’s girlfriend were denied bail and asked to apply for their freedom at the High Court.

The six accused persons include military personnel Hope Mwaipa (33) and Joachim Runyanga (35), ZRP traffic police officers Penelock Majoni (41) and Everson Marozva (33) and Mutare City Council municipal police officers Soul Tomu (53) and John Takaendesa (42).

The accused are facing assault and kidnapping/unlawful detention charges as defined in section 93 (I)(b)(ii) of the criminal law (Codification and Reform Act) Chapter 9:23.

Sources who attended the court session confirmed that Masekesa’s court case attracted a huge attendance where Mutare citizens offered their solidarity to the journalist whom they felt was treated unfairly.

“They tortured him and deliberately humiliated him by recording the torture and posting it on social media for the whole world to watch,” said one Godfrey Muyengwa, adding that the pepetrators of violence deserved time behind bars.

“It is sad that those who perpetrated this violence are members of the security sector who teamed up and waylaid a civilian. They could have used the necessary channels instead of taking the law into their own hands for a domestic dispute,” added Sheila Dozwa.

Transport operators who also attended the court session rejoiced over the caging of the group whom they alleged had  become untouchable in the city of Mutare.

“Majoni and Mwaipa intimidated and harassed many innocent transport operators and civilians,” alleged one transport operator.

Masekesa’s torture has attracted both local and international human rights groups with calls on the Zimbabwe government to act on such violent behaviors by members of the security service.

The six are being represented by Passmore Nyakureba while Masekesa is being represented by Chris Ndlovu.