Mnangagwa Has Already Rigged The Election, Jonathan Moyo
13 June 2018
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Professor Jonathan Moyo

By Professor Jonathan Moyo|Mnangagwa’s candidacy on July 30 is illegitimate, not only because he’s a product of a military coup, but also because he was the brutal CHIEF ENFORCER of what he has described as the OLD ORDER for 38 years. The ENFORCER can’t be the REFORMER!

As the Chief ENFORCER for 38 years, Mnangagwa was used by the Army’s Command Element, which is leading his election bid, as the ugly face behind atrocities such as Gukurahundi, the looting of DRC minerals & $15Bn of Chiadzwa diamonds!

Mnangagwa has crafted an appeasement strategy, that targets the business & international communities based on a disinformation scheme, learnt from British intelligence in his CIO days, whose design is to SAY right things & DO the opposite!

In January at Davos, Mnangagwa lied to the world through the BBC that unlike in the OLD ORDER, in which he was the CHIEF ENFORCER, Govt no longer runs elections as they are now run by ZEC. This was disinformation since Govt runs ZEC!

Asked by the BBC at Davos in January if EU & UN election MONITORS will be invited Mnangagwa lied by confusing OBSERVERS who see little, not everywhere & do nothing, with MONITORS who must see all, everywhere & correct wrongs on the spot!

In the first 20 years of the OLD ORDER, when Mnangagwa was the CHIEF ENFORCER, Govt ran elections through the Registrar General under an ad hoc Election Directorate & Electoral Supervisory Commission that had Election MONITORS as observers!

ZEC run by Govt to run elections is not set up in terms of the Constitution. Most of its full time staff are former or current Army, CIO & ZRP. ALL of TECHNICAL staff is 100% from security organs & ALL polling officers are civil servants!

On the back of the Nov coup, and the fact that Zimbabwe is under military rule, it’s unreasonable to expect a Govt run ZEC to run free, fair & credible elections. With securocrats managing its TECHNICAL operations, ZEC is a rigging tool!

While s235 of the Constitution says ZEC should “protect the sovereignty of the people” & s233 says it should “promote transparency & accountability”, proof Govt runs ZEC is the failure by ZEC to bring to order Rugeje, Hungwe & Mukupe!

ZEC’s has turned deaf & blind to ZanuPF’s threat to “repeat June 2008” if the Army run party loses the election on 30 July. Unlike the Rugeje, Hungwe & Mukupe rants, this threat was made on 6 June, AFTER election proclamation!

The plot is to rig on an industrial scale. The rigging is centered on:

(1) Manipulation of the BVR Voters Roll;

(2) Manipulation of Polling Stations by ZEC technical staff from security organs &

(3) Army intimidation of voters in villages!

Govt has seconded to ZEC a team of Chinese BVR & cyber experts from the People’s Liberation Army linked to a top Chinese university. Their remit is to manipulate the voters roll through shadowy & virtual polling stations & fake voters!

Chinese team seeks to manipulate the BVR system & create virtual polling stations to guarantee victory for Mnangagwa, whose appeasement strategy of disinformation would be used by UK govt to justify declaring the poll free, fair & credible!

Some 11 days after BVR closed for 2018 poll & a day before sitting of Nomination Court, ZEC continues to deny the opposition access to the roll, yet it has given ZanuPF hard copies.

ZEC has always done this & I can confirm it under oath.