BREAKING- Sincere Security Company Nabbed By Citizens In Child Trafficking? Turns Out It Was A Worker Transporting Boss’ Children
19 April 2019
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By Own Correspondent| A video showing a van belonging to Sincere Security Company which was apprehended by citizens in Bulawayo for suspected child trafficking has gone viral.

In the video, a mob is shown forcing open the doors of the security van where several minors some of whom were crying and all of whom appear to be below seven years old emerge.

The van was allegedly stopped by a kombi driver who saw one of the children continuously waving and crying through the tiny vehicle window.

The kombi driver reportedly told the driver of the Sincere Security vehicle to stop before the mob forced open the door where the minors were retrieved.

It has however emerged that the angry mob were left with an egg in the face after taking their “culprit” to Bulawayo Central Police Station where it was established that the man was just transporting his boss’s children in a company van.

The guard whose name could not be established was- according to police sources- taking the children to meet their parents.

He was parked near the market along 4th avenue when someone shouted that there were kidnapped children in the vehicle.

Vendors ganged up immediately and started banging on the car demanding the release of the “captives.”

A witness revealed that the crowd shouted that children had been disappearing in the city and the security company could be a syndicate responsible for the disappearances.

“The driver got out of the vehicle to explain and the crowd descended on him with kicks and punches. If someone had not suggested that they should take him to the police, he could have been killed.

“Zimbabweans are a dangerously angry lot nowadays, probably due to a failed government and growing poverty. They are capable of killing if they get a chance to vent their emotions,” said the witness.

The witness said scores of vendors boldly marched into the police station like they expected a civic award for bravery or something.

“The way they sneaked out quietly was worthy of any comedy reel. The father of the children came to clear up the issue and suddenly everyone realised they could be arrested for their vigilante actions on an innocent man. A ‘quiet’ stampede started for the door and the charge office was cleared within minutes,” said the witness who preferred anonymity.