Open View Drops S.A. Channels
3 May 2019
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Dropped, popular Trace Sport Stars Channel

Own Correspondent|OpenView has announced that it will be cancelling sports channel Trace Sports Stars as well as Afrikaans religious channel KruisKyk.

KruisKyk, which aired on channel 151, is being removed from the broadcaster’s catalog today, while Trace Sports Stars – which is found on channel 116 – will run until Tuesday 14 May.

“The decision to let go of both the KruisKyk and Trace Sports Stars channels from OpenView has been a challenging one,” said GM of group content services Ziyanda Mngomezulu.

OpenView said that since its inception in the South African market in 2013, it has invested extensively into the satellite platform and the bouquet strategies, which have been adapted and reshaped in response to market dynamics.

“We continue to place the needs of our viewers at the fore front of each decision that we implement and are committed to continuing to provide great entertainment value to our consumers.” said Mngomezulu.

OpenView is a free-to-air satellite television broadcaster which has a recommended once-off installation fee of R499.