“Kumasofa” Practice Rife In Pentecostal Churches, Is It Forced Marriage Or Not?
19 May 2019
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By Own Correspondent| A report in the Sunday Mail says that arranged marriages are on the increase at Zimbabwe’s Pentecostal churches.

The report says sometimes couples meet for the first time at lobola negotiations as they would have trusted church elders to select the right spouse for them.

An excerpt from the report:

ARRANGED consensual marriages are an interesting culture that seem to have gained traction in church set-ups over the years.

In pentecostal churches, young people are invited ‘kumasofa’ for such deliberations. Initiators are usually men who identify women they like in the church.

While arranged marriages seem to be a trend in pentecostal religious circles, traditional churches have on the other hand taken a subtle route where strategic social and networking events are lined up for the singles to mix and mingle. In both circumstances, the ultimate goal is marriage.

Though difficult to believe, there are people who met their spouses for the first time on the very day of the wedding or lobola payment. They would have put their trust in the church elders