LIVE – Revealed: How Gono, Mangudya Are Running Parallel RBZs As USD5,9bln Disappear Without A Voucher
6 October 2019
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By Simba Chikanza| Former Reverse Bank Governor Gideon Gono is running another virtual central bank under the guise of a so called “special economic zones board,” it has emerged. These revelations come in the face of the ongoing foreign currency problem which began in the last 3 months before the November 2017 coup. Back then it was claimed that Zimbabwe would enter into a New Dispensation after criminals surrounding the president (Robert Mugabe) have been removed from power. Revelations however show that the new regime was more of a Dispensary than a Dispensation. In October 2017, several industries filed complaints saying they are being suffocated on allocations so they can import their goods. They included cooking oil companies. The problem would worsen into 2019. WATCH VIDEO BELOW ….