17 October 2019
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The interview was recorded partly on audio and the rest was on video.

SC: Many of the things that are coming on Zimbabwe; right now, I have just met some Tanzanians who were criticising us, heavily, just here

Well, we are being told that we are now 7 times worse, more, than when we were during Robert Mugabe times. I think that is one matter that I am going to need a short engagement with you Sir.

Mudenda: There are exigencies (sic)

SC: Excuse me?

Mudenda: There are exigencies (sic)

SC: Let me just, while we are, let me just get a picture with you if you don’t mind Sir.

SC: Right, where are we here? Right so, here meeting Advocate Mudenda.

Mudenda: Thank you.

SC: You seem to have forgotten me, I don’t know why.

Mudenda: Yeah, I am trying to recollect.

SC: Splendid. Looking forward, I will be with you shortly.

Mudenda: Yeah

SC: Thank you Sir.

Mudenda: Someone will be joining me soon.

SC: Oh, someone will be joining you?

Mudenda: Yes.

SC: Okay, so someone will be joining you. Okay. So what I will do maybe, once they come maybe, I will go away. I am just having a very light one.

Mudenda: Okay.

SC: Oh, thank you Sir. Yeah, the criticism against us is very scathing, it is very heavy, this gentleman from Tanzania who was saying he runs an NGO, and works between Uganda and Tanzania, and he says your country is now 7 times worse than when Robert Mugabe.

Mudenda: What reasons does he give?

SC: Err, we didn’t go into deep, we didn’t get deeper than that, other than him saying the conduct of both government and institutions. He alleges the judiciary as well, and parliament and he mentioned specifically the withdrawal of allowances. Sir.

Ndokutorerai (shall I get you a ) chair?

SC: Sir, the withdrawal of allowances Advocate Mudenda, that has extremely, extremely criticised yourself. On what basis you have here a topic, local and international policy analysts here, they say you have caused the deterioration of parliament, and.

Mudenda: I have what?

SC: You have made parliament to deteriorate. The value of parliamentarianism is, should be.

Mudenda: Into what?

SC: You are now a spokesman of a military cartel rather than parliament. And in this case Advocate Mudenda, you have a discussion, a topic, that you yourself, you allowed into parliament, you brought this discussion, and that is the 1 August brutality. It is clear even ZBC broadcast this.

Mudenda: (nod and sound in affirmation).

SC: They broadcast this, announcement that the military would be used to change 2018 election results.

Mudenda: (nod and sound in affirmation).

Mudenda: Yes

SC: The same MPs who are meant to be part of your own parliament Advocate Mudenda, they are part of your parliament. And you are the one who allowed this discussion to get into. You allowed it to be discussed.

Mudenda: No, you see the members of parliament have threatened to go to court, so that matter is subjudice.

SC: Sorry.

Mudenda:  The matter is subjudice and I am not discussing that.

SC: Because they have threatened to go to court?

Mudenda: Yeah I m not discussing that.

SC: But then, Sir, aren’t you concerned?

Mudenda: I am not discussing that.

SC: Aren’t you concerned?

Mudenda: I am not discussing that. I am not discussing that.

SC: That we have a clear matter.

Mudenda: I am not discussing that.

SC: You talked about a threat Sir, you talked about a threat advocate. 

Mudenda: I am not discussing that.

SC: You talked about a threat.

Mudenda:  Can you stop it. Alright?

SC: Advocate, Advocate, a crime is being committed right now. People are dying.

Mudenda: Go to court. Go to court. 

SC: Go to court where? People are dying right now in Zimbabwe advocate.

Mudenda: I am not.

SC: I have got; I have got victims of 1 August.

Mudenda:  Can you also respect my point of view. Alright?

SC: Do you also respect the people who are suffering, Sir? Do you respect the victims who still have bullets in their bodies, Sir? The victims who still have bullets in their bodies right now.

Mudenda: Can you stop it. Alright. Can you stop it.

SC: Advocate, Advocate, you are the highest you are the most respected person in Zimbabwe you are here to represent parliamentarianism. What parliamentarianism is. You are the person we refer to; we respect you sir. We respect you. And I’ve come to you to ask you about this thing which we are being criticised for our nation is being criticised right here, Sir.

Mudenda: Can you still stop it. This is not the forum.

SC: Why is it not the forum Sir?  

Mudenda: can you stop it.

SC: but you are the Speaker of Parliament.

Mudenda: can you stop it. Haaah.

SC: I have got people who are crying I have got victims. Are you concerned that you are no longer the Speaker of Parliament you are now the Speaker of a military cartel. 

Mudenda: Can you stop it.

SC: Stop what advocate, stop what?

Mudenda: Can you stop it. 

SC: Stop what?

Mudenda: Can you stop it.

SC: But you are destroying our country. You are destroying a whole community. You are right now, even the perception of our nation (sic) Advocate Mudenda.

Are you happy that parliamentarianism has been violated advocate Mudenda? Tell me. 

Mudenda:  [NO RESPONSE]

So you are not willing to address concerns about parliamentarianism, you are here to represent parliamentarianism and you are mentally torturing MDC MPs heading to the physical torture to victims of violence on 1 August which was done to change election results and this was broadcast on the ZBC. Advocate Mudenda, you are a respected man. You are the highest, the most respected person Sir. 

Mudenda: Can you slow down so I can eat.

SC: I shall slow down, but I hope you realise here, that I have got people who are dying, there is a crime that is being committed.

Mudenda: Can I have my breakfast?

SC: You can sir, you can sir, I shall wait.

A crime is being committed Advocate.

Mudenda: can you move off can you move off. 

SC: I am not Sir.

I have got a legitimate criminal concern here, a legal concern sir;

I have got a legitimate legal concern.


Sorry sorry I thought I had given you enough time. 

SC: No you can’t do this. 

SC: Advocate Mudenda people are dying right now people are dying right now and you are mentally torturing MDC MPs. On what basis do you withdraw their allowances for 5-months merely because they are expressing what you brought before Parliament?

Mudenda: Can you move out.

SC: I am here I am not going to move out I am a guest here and I am also; I am very much here; I am very much here; but I will wait on you because this is important, because you are an employee you are a civil servant Sir; your civil servant this is your job this is your job to be accountable to members of the public; to the international community; to prove that you’re doing the job of a speaker of Parliament not a speaker of a military cartel advocate Mudenda. 


No you cannot shut me I’m going to slow down I will allow him to eat but I’m not going to leave here. I am here I am a guest here; I am an invitee to this conference where you are as well; Thank you. 

Tine vanhu varikufa right now hamadzedu dzirikufa kuZimbabwe, akomana, varume, mauya kunoku imimi, saka ndanyarara ikozvino. Ndakumirirai. Ndakumirirai. 

This is a legal matter, it is also a criminal matter; I am waiting here. 


I think the honorable speaker has come here to have something to eat. 

SC: yes I will wait for him. I will wait for him Sir

As you can see I have withdrawn, I have withdrawn, I was sitting there when you are sitting so now I have moved away now so we will wait sir. I have got Zimbabweans who are waiting across inside Zimbabwe and around the world they’re waiting; this is the most respected person, the highest person in the country in Zimbabwe next to Emmerson Mnangagwa.


So why are you shouting?

SC: I am not shouting I am waiting sir.


I think it is more about threatening than anything.

SC: What threat did you hear? What threat did you hear there? 


I haven’t heard.

SC: No no no. Please don’t be unreasonable what street did you hear here?

What threat did you hear tell me can you justify what you said.


Know what I am simply saying you know when you are talking on top of your voice if you really want to interview you the Speaker you should interview in a manner that is (sic).

SC: According to your allegations I am quiet. Thank you.


Thank you.