Bulawayo Sangoma Leaves Clients Stranded, Turns To God
27 October 2019
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ONE of Bulawayo’s most prominent traditional healers, known to possess immense powers, some that allegedly could turn anyone’s fortune around, heal any ailment and even curse or send one into a frenzy of madness has retired.

Popularly known as Makhwelintaba (real name Thembinkosi Ncube), the healer who was born in Nkayi District 45 years ago, with a woven tapestry to churn traditional remedies and healing, decided to turn to God, as he felt his life was centred upon poverty and misery.

Makhwelintaba, who was known throughout the country and presumably beyond, as one of the most powerful traditional healers, decided to give up his trade and be delivered a few weeks ago.

His decision was invoked by the feeling of discontent; “Instead of bringing me fortune it brought me poverty, misfortune and misery,” he said in an interview.

For many traditionalists, his repentance and rebirth may have struck them as a loss, but in his words it was his greatest test and achievement. His decision, which came at his prime, left many shocked and stranded in search and need of his services.

Now gainfully employed in Bulawayo and preferring to shy his name away from the public domain, in fear that he might be drawn back to the trade by “Satanists”, he told Sunday News that he was a new man and never wanted to revert or ever reminisce about his past

“I was born in Mbuma, Nkayi District 45 years ago. My birth wasn’t that of a normal child, my mother had difficulty conceiving. She had so many miscarriages and I was a miracle or rather after consultations with a traditional healer I was born. “At the age of 12 my life began to be complicated, I had serious nose bleeds that would prevent me from being an active young boy, sometimes I couldn’t attend school. My parents tried all sorts of remedies, hospital, until I was referred to a traditional healer in Emakhandeni suburb in Bulawayo,” said Makhwelintaba.

He said that is when the traditional healer revealed that his body was to be used as a vessel by “healing” spirits.

“I had snake spirits that needed a haven to operate. I then was taken to the Apostolic sect, where I was prophesied by a 12-year-old girl who told me that I had spirits within me that were waiting to fully possess me to fulfil my destiny as a healer,” said Makhwelintaba.

During the interview, where he took a few brief moments to reminisce he noted that he then sought the services of an elderly female traditional healer, who unlocked his potential.

“Thereafter I began my trade, but all along I had problems in life, love, financially and socially. I was possessed by some spirits that would prevent me from granting my wife conjugal rights to the extent that we almost separated. The spirit mediums did not allow me to have a life. I had no sexual desires at all,’ said Makhwelintaba.

He said that was the time he deliberated about leaving the trade and turning to God. “What many people don’t understand is that these spirits are not here to assist but these are demon infused. They come with a price. My wife and I decided I get delivered,” he said.

He said he also consulted his siblings who agreed that he got delivered as they were Christians.

“We then went to church, where I surrendered all my trade tools, which comprised various charms such as snakes, animal skins and a cocktail of other things that one can imagine,” said Makhwelintaba.

He then said on the day he was to be delivered at church, a grave and dark feeling engulfed him to the extent that he fled from the church and city.

“I ran away and went to take refuge at my cousin’s place between Filabusi and Gwanda. While I was there I then felt awful for abandoning my family. My children being my worst worry. I decided to come back,” said Makhwelintaba. 

Makhwelintaba was delivered at prominent Bulawayo prophet’s church Dr Prophet Blessing Chiza, Eagle Life Ministries. He said it was a momentous delivery and he was humbled by the might of the Lord. “Through God everything is possible,” said Dr Prophet Chiza.

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