Rev Chivaviro Breathes Fire Over False Reports He Was Caught In The Act…
15 February 2020
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Chart topping gospel musician Rev Togarirepi Chivaviro has vehemently denied social media reports that he was caught bedding a fellow church member’s wife.

The social media report suggested that Chivaviro had been caught in the act and that sex tape had been recorded.

This forced Chivaviro to respond dismissing the report as unfounded and meant to tarnish his brand.

Below is Chivaviro’s response;

Tinovengerweiko??? At a time we are busy with funeral arrangements for our father some heartless people get busy on mischief for the why??? Do people realise the impact of just posting something that’s not there over someone? This mischief maker is oblivious of the fact that I have not been in Africa this year ,somebody jokes with things like this! Its shocking this comes same day with another separate issue of whatsapp conversations with obviously an downloaded pic of a faceless somebody said to me, how??? Pada video yacho ichazobuda tigoinawo, aiwana munogona kutanga nekutumira my wife, be free to!

Why are people so heartless and ruthless? Anyway we dont stop ministering the gospel because of such NEVER! And rudo rwemumba medu chairwo rwapfuura nzizi nemakomo akawanda, we cant be affected so much by such, tichiri tese imiwee.
I have nothing more to say on the matter, I’m sure the law is taking its course and the culprits shall answer , I pray they repent too!