Mnangagwa’s Paperless Cabinet Appears With Heaps Of Paper At Briefing Press Conference
18 February 2020
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Own Correspondent|Cabinet recently declared that it was beginning its 2020 business paperless following the launch of the e-Cabinet project by President Mnangagwa.

The President said the e-Cabinet project will also speed up decision-making in Cabinet.

“Today’s event marks the completion of phase one of the e-Cabinet project which will see the Cabinet secretariat carry out paperless administrative and secretarial functions,” he said.

“This is indeed part of the contemporary ways of conducting meetings and storage of information. Through this system, members of Cabinet will now be able to conduct all their work within the Cabinet room on an electronic platform that should expedite decision-making, information analyses and the execution of action plans.

“Furthermore, the e-Cabinet system will result in a robust database which facilitates easy access to stored records of Government.”

However, in a surprise turn of events, cabinet Ministers appeared in Tuesday’s cabinet briefing with hoards of papers which Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube battled to surf through.

Watch full briefing in video downloading below: