Cuba Has Sanctions Since 1960s, Singapore Has No Minerals Or Agriculture But It’s Transformed Itself From Third World To First In Less Than 35 Yrs. .
13 March 2020
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By Business Reporter| Cuba has had severe US sanctions since the 1960s to this day, and yet it is not complaining, the tiny isolated island is producing and exporting; Speaking on Trevor Ncube’s program, Dr Solomon Guramatunhu also talked about Finand.

He then jumped onto Singapore which he said has transformed itself from a Third World nation with no minerals or agriculture to becoming a First World giant now competing with European countries

He said in full: We go to Singapore, [a] small island, sand in stone, not a single mineral, no agriculture.

“In 1965 they were so poor they lived in thatched houses, and they said our only natural resource is our brains.

“So they got the best brains to develop Singapore, paid them the best to develop Singapore.

“And they ran it like a company, so from Third World to First World 1965 to the year 2000, in 35 years they’ve moved from 3rd World to 1st World, they’re now even better than European countries.

“Now, you ask about ourselves what do we have?

“We got diamonds, we got gold all over, we got platinum, we got chrome everywhere, we got lithium, we have got 60 different minerals, best soils, climate, we can grow anything, mangoes, strawberries … ” VIDEO-