WATCH: JoKuDe Appeal for Donations during LOCKDOWN and Beyond
27 April 2020
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26 April 2020

JoKuDe referring to a Trust of Harare West Constituency representatives led by Hon Joana Mamombe, Kudzai Kadzombe and Denford Ngadziore. JoKuDe friends of JoanaKudzaiDenford a non political Trust formed in 2019 by Harare West 2018 Harmonized elections Deployeees.

To answer to various challenges bedevilling the people within Harare West Community. No one has ever become poor by giving or assisting someone. Instead blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives.

JoKuDe is a well wisher’s Community Funded and Public run platform .

As JoKuDe, in Partnership with Harare Pastors Fraternity HAWEPAF ,we have come up with a Humanitarian responsive system . The main objective of JoKuDe humanitarian program is to help fundraise for those in desperate need. The main focus of the fundraising will be food stuffs which include basics like mealie meal, cooking oil, sugar, flour, rice, some green vegetables in the long run we will fundraise for blankets as we enter winter and school uniforms especially for those under Basic Education Module BEAM.

When other people hear about Harare West they think of the affluent areas such as Mabelreign, Westgate, Bluffhil and Madokero. We have visited around the Constituency during this Lockdown period and a number of people are finding it difficult to have food on their table. The worst situation is in different Farm Compounds and Plots. The farm compounds in Mukwishu Compound with a total of 75 families amonting to 950 peoples. Chichera a total of 40 families with 245 people. Rakata a total of 33 families with 180 families, Tomu a total of 120 families with 1500 people. Chimombe a total of 60 families with over 500 people. Pensioners, elderly, infomal traders and unemployed youths amount to 10 000 people

We are appealing to all stakeholders to be supportive to this program through donations of anything at your disposal. There are some residents who are struggling to have a decent meal per day, we also understand that there are residents who own farms or plots who can assist us with some food stuffs for some vulnerable members of the community.

Food donations will be handed over to the Salvation Army Church along Clevering Avenue – Haig Park Mabelreign to Major Chirandu . We have also set a humanitarian response team led by Pastor Benhura of Life Church, Pastor Tekwa, Major Chirandu of Salvation Army Church and five Pastors from Roman Catholic Church, AFM, and Methodist Churches.

Let us all try to play our part in assisting those in need. There shall be a form at the Salvation Army Church to fill in details of the donor and kind of donations received. Those who intend to donate in the form of money ,we will unveil an Ecocash number to the public.

Donations shall be mainly targeting affected people in various farm compounds, informal traders, Pensioners/senior citizens ,people living with disabilities and farm workers. We shall be working with churches, Ward Development Committee representatives for each Suburb, Community Based Organizations and Constituency Development Committee to identify those in need.

Harare West Pastors Fraternity HAWEPAF will be the accounting authority of the donations received. Due to the Covid19 lockdown period, we will be using social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites to fundraise towards this noble cause.

We will have less publicity on beneficiaries of donations so as protect the dignity of our people. This is not a time for political scoring but a time to make sure our people are not stranded or exposed during this Lockdown period.

For those who would want to donate but do not have transportation to bring the donations to the Salvation Army Church in Mabelreign, please get in touch with Collen Mawere contact number 0777648080 who will be responsible in driving around collecting the donations.

Residents and Stakeholders can also use community social groups to announce donations if one feels like doing so as to encourage others to donate.

Covid19 virus is real:

-Wash your hands frequently.
-Always maintain the required social distance.
-Avoid touching your eyes, nose and the mouth.
-Practice respiratory hygiene.
-Use of approved face masks where possible.

        JoKuDe (JoanaKudzaiDenford ) in support of Harare West Pastors Fraternity HAWEPAF

Honorable Joana Mamombe MP Harare West 0773519914

Kudzai Kadzombe Councillor ward 41 0772764138

Denford Ngadziore
Councillor Ward 16 0712738904 /0773010371