Zanu PF Minister Chucked-Out-Of Parliament
8 May 2024
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By Parliament Correspondent- In a scene that looks like factionalism in the Ruling Zanu PF party, the Speaker of Parliament is a senior Zanu PF official, Jacob Mudenda, Tuesday injected Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi from the National Assembly.

Ziyambi, who is the leader of government business in the house, was expected to make a motion on a law to provide land tenure security.

Ziyambi, however, decided that his deputy Norbet Mazungunye would do so instead, but Mudenda rejected that. He demanded to know why Ziyambi would not table the motion himself.

The ZANU PF Chief Whip, Pupurai Togarepi, tried to offer an excuse for Ziyambi, saying the minister wanted to go to the Senate.

But Ziyambi corrected Togarepi and said he wanted to converse with his staff. He said:

No rule says the deputy minister cannot move the motion.

Mudenda then told Ziyambi that his private conversation “does not take precedence”. He then ordered Ziyambi to leave the house. Ziyambi and Togarepi then approached Mudenda’s chair to continue the protest.

Mudenda’s microphone was initially live as a livid Ziyambi demanded to know what rule says a deputy minister can’t move a motion when a minister is present.

Mudenda claimed this was in “section 107 of the constitution” and Ziyambi challenged him to open it. Mudenda moved his hand to pick up the constitution but did not open it. Said Ziyambi:

You were harsh. It’s not correct Mr Speaker to embarrass your own minister.

Mudenda’s microphone was then turned off as the conversation continued. Ziyambi subsequently left the National Assembly.