Great Zimbabwe Shrine Was Built By Angels, Claims Madzibaba Enoch
11 May 2020
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Own Correspondent |leader of Nyenyedzi Nomwe Apostolic Church, Madzibaba Enoch has claimed that Great Zimbabwe was built by angels, not humans.

Contrary to beliefs that the national shrine was built by the Shona people, Madzibaba Enoch said angels constructed the imposing structures.

” Great Zimbabwe was not built by people, rather angels constructed the shrine.

Actually Great Zimbabwe was not built by the Shona people.

It was built by angels before the creation of humans on earth.I know that prophetic revelations are difficult to comprehend but time will tell,” said Madzibaba Enoch.

Madzibaba Enoch, of Budiriro 4, Harare, leads more than 300 shrines.

He is also said to have predicted the coming of the deadly Coronavirus scourge in a 2018 video footage.