WHO Adds Six More Requirements To Be Met Before Lockdown Is Removed As Some Countries Begin To Suffer Consequences Of Rushed Lockdown Removal
13 May 2020
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Head of WHO; Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

As world leaders begin their efforts to remove the lockout, the World Health Organization has outlined 6 principles to be considered before taking this step.

WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has given recommendations on measures and when to abolish the closure law that aims to curb the spread of cholera.

Dr. Adhanom said the first and most important step before removing the lockout, is to ensure the safety of the community and to have a thorough understanding of the nature of the disease.

1. Limit the spread of the disease

Dr. Ghebreyesus said world leaders must make sure they have overcome the spread of the disease before removing the lockout law altogether.

2. Improved health system

The second requirement, according to WHO Director, is to ensure the quality of the health care system, the testing, and the protection of all infected persons.

3. Reduce the risk of outbreaks

Leaders must ensure that the risk of outbreaks is minimized in specialized areas such as health centers and nursing homes.

4. Protective measures at public places

International leaders are advised to ensure adequate provision of protection in public places, such as schools, workplaces, places of worship, and other places where it is necessary and required by people to visit.

5. Monitor the risk of disease while importing goods

International leaders must also make sure that the risks of disease are kept on import

6. Educate the community

Finally, world leaders must ensure that their communities are well-informed about the peroneal disease and all its other characteristics. They should also adopt new defensive behaviors.