MDC Alliance MPs Snub Industry And Commerce Meeting
14 May 2020
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Thursday 14th May 2020

By Senator Lilian Timveous

All MDC Alliance MPs, in line with their party directive, were conspicuous with their absence in the Industry and Commerce Parliamentary Committee meeting held on Thursday the 14th of May 2020.

Members from as far afield as Hwange and some within a kilometre of the precincts of Parliament, failed to attend this crucial Industry and Commerce committee meeting.

The Zanu PF members who came for the meeting noted that the absence of the hard thinking and strategic minded MDC Alliance MPs made them to have the shortest meeting ever in this committee as the brains behind the committee did not pitch up.

Comprehensive decisions could not be made as Zanu PF feared that they would make unhealthy choices on their own. Even though all Zanu members were present, the Chairperson of the committee complained that he missed the vibrancy of the MDC Alliance members who always made the meetings to be lively with sound debate.

The MDC Alliance think-tank MPs who did not attend the Industry and Commerce Parliamentary Committee meeting were;

Hon C Moyo
Hon W Sansole
Hon L Mukapiko
Hon Banda
Hon E Mushoriwa
Hon Tarusenga
Hon Chikudo
Hon L Chimina
Hon I Nyoni