LIVE: How Mnangagwa Government Is Desperately Trying To Conceal Evidence Of Abduction Of MDC Alliance Youth Leaders
16 May 2020
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By Simba Chikanza | reveals clear evidence of police abduction of the three MDC Alliance youth leaders which the government publication the Herald deleted after proving that the Zimbabwe Republic Police truly abducted the victims on Wednesday 13th May 2020.

For several weeks the Zimbabwe Republic Police and those of the military have been randomly assaulting civilians seeking to fetch essential services such as water and medication, and 3 weeks ago, the military spokesman Overson Mugwisi in an interview denied that soldiers and police were assaulting civilians in Harare, Gweru, and Masvingo despite footage from Harare confirmed by the government spokesman George Charamba.

Civilians have been complaining that they feel oppressed and on Wednesday a group of MDC Youths did a short flash demo attended by less than 25 youths. The three female MDC youth leaders were arrested by the police and taken to the Harare Central Police station.

2 days later, government spokesman, Nick (Ndavangi) Mangwana has issued a contradicting report saying they were never arrested, and were never in police custody.

This comes at a time when New Zealand’s former Prime Minister got frustrated after noticing that even the Voice of America a respected US government funded media house also deleted evidence of the abduction, something which follows the way they also did to the abduction of Hospital Doctors Association President Dr Peter Magombeyi in September last year.Watch video below :