Chiredzi Land Dispute: Community Leaders Vow To Resist Eviction
18 May 2020
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By Ephraim Mutombeni

On the 11th of May 2019, Masvingo Centre for Research Advocacy and development (MACRAD) conducted a discussion forum in Chiredzi, ward 6, Chilonga communal area, Munguni Village.

The discusion was a fact -finding mission concerning the government’s decision to evict more than 2000 families under Chief Sengwe in ward 6 and 21, part of Chiredzi south and East and the topics covered included land rights, conflict management, peace building strategies, tracking and document human rights violations.

The discussion was attended by 25 participants-10 females and 15 males. Among the participants were Chiredzi rural district councilors, local village heads, representative from war veteran and farmers club, development committee member.

Participants alluded to the fact that the government didn’t consult them regarding the project and currently they have no information on where there will be relocated to…

The councillors who were present during a meeting chaired by Minister July Moyo on the 30th of March said the government has not clearly explained how the affected communities are going to benefit from the project.

Traditional leaders in the area have vowed to resist eviction as there will be relocated to areas where there are no schools and clinics.

The Chilonga local leaders are going to take the matter to court with the help of MACRAD.

MACRAD and its structures (Peace clubs and Land ambassadors) and Chilonga communities agreed to launch a campaign title LAND4LIFE/ LIFEonLAND (Simu Lihanyo/Lihanyo hisimu) to expose and oppose the continuing and various forms of land and resource grabbing in Masvingo Province.

The campaign aims to highlight and stop land and resource grabbing as a gross violation of the human rights.

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