Major Breakthrough As ZANU PF Abductors To Be Prosecuted Using ICC Laws
19 May 2020
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This time they have crossed the line.

“Arrests will be made, as soon as people get to UK, as soon as people get to South Africa…”

By A Correspondent | A major breakthrough has emerged for Zimbabwe’s victims of violence who can now obtain legal recourse in several foreign lands beginning with South Africa.  

International Criminal Court in The Hague- FILE

The development, set to shut down the machinery of brutality that has killed more than 22,000 people under Emmerson Mnangagwa (1983 to 2020), comes amid confident denials by Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi who continues claiming that Zimbabwe does not at all fall under ICC (international criminal Court) jurisdiction, and therefore perpetrators of crimes against humanity cannot be charged, according to him.

However the latest feat (also explained by a South African lawyer at the weekend- watch video below) reveals that the ICC does in fact have jurisdiction and this, for instance, via state parties who have ratified the Rome Statute, and South Africa’s Constitutional Court for instance has so far ruled that ICC laws are supreme over Zimbabwe crimes.

In 2014, South Africa’s constitutional Court ruled that the country’s police force must effect arrests of all suspects named in Zimbabwe cases. The judgement for the appeal which was won by the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum, reads in part:

Our country’s international and domestic law commitments must be honoured. We cannot be seen to be tolerant of impunity for alleged torturers. We must take up our rightful place in the community of nations with its concomitant obligations. We dare not be a safe haven for those who commit crimes against humanity.

[81] The SAPS’s decision not to conduct an investigation was wrong in law. The
High Court and the Supreme Court of Appeal were correct in setting it aside. The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act71 applies.

While the MDC in UK has been accused of delaying in its legal offensive, the party’s chair Crispen Chamburuka last night told ZimEye: “A tortoise will always reach its journey. 

“Yes people want results, people want us to act, but wait and see – we will be acting.

“This time they have crossed the line.

“Arrests will be made, as soon as people get to UK, as soon as people get to South Africa...”

Also commenting, the MDC Chair for North America, Tawanda Dzvokora said ZANU PF has crushed the last straw.

He said: “Zimbabweans in the diaspora are deeply shocked and outraged by the massive human rights abuses perpetrated by the Zanu Pf Government led Emmerson Mnagagwa. 

“The last straw is the recent abduction of Hon Joana Mamombe, Deputy youth leader President Cecilia Chembiri and Deputy Youth Organising Secretary Netsayi Marova.

“The trio were found dumped in Bindura, badly tortured and sexually assaulted.

“We demand this insanity and inhuman treatment of Zimbabweans and women in particular to stop forthwith. We also appeal to the international community to help us condemn these acts of terror.

“We want to make it categorically clear that we as concerned Zimbabweans in the diaspora we will not stand akimbo/ aside while forced Sex is being used as political weapon.

“I am therefore announcing that all Zanu PF leaders who will travel outside Zimbabwe will be arrested, and I repeat they will be arrested.

Chief Svosve, Tawanda Dzvokora

“We are putting money together so that we can pay the lawyer who has given us a very encouraging positive.

“The first case will be in the UK and we will get them all prosecuted and deported. The victims of political violence in Zimbabwe must have justice. Our MP and two other leaders deserve such justice and we shall deliver it for them.”