Drama As Man Stuffs Mbanje In Underwear In Bid To Evade Arrest
23 May 2020
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Arrest In Bid To
IN A DRAMATIC incident an accused person who has been on the run gave police a torrid time as he bolted out of his car with dagga stuffed in his underwear and took to his heels.

A source close to investigations said the suspect Arnold Chikunguru (34) had been on the run since last year as he was wanted for a crime of unlawful entry and theft from a house in Cowdray Park suburb.

Detectives, the source said, received a tip-off that the accused was selling dagga at his house, they pounced at his house last week on Thursday.

“Upon spotting police he bolted out of the house and showed a clean pair of heels, police gave chase and caught up with him while he was trying to scale over a wall at a neighbour’s house,” said the source.

The source said they searched him all over the body and found three twists of mbanje stuffed in his underwear.

He was arrested.
Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident:

“The arrest of this wanted person confirms that he has a passion of breaking the law as he was caught with three twists of dagga.

We want to commend members of the public for continuously working with the police in fighting crime as this has seen a reduction in crime rate in the city,” he said.-B-Metro