Chihuri’s Ex- Mistress In Adulterous Storm
8 June 2020
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Sithulisiwe Mthimkulu

By A Correspondent- Former Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Commissioner-General Dr  Augustine Chihuri’s estranged mistress, Sithulisiwe Mthimkhulu, who in the past dominated headlines for demanding child maintenance from the former police boss, has again hogged headlines.

Assistant Commissioner Sithulisiwe Mthimkulu allegedly had an affair with one of her subordinates’ husband.

The subordinate, Assistant Inspector Happiness Lunga, recently approached the courts seeking a peace order against Mthimkulu whom she claims snatched her husband- whose name has not been revealed- ending her 16-year-old marriage.

According to a local tabloid, Lunga clashed with Mthimkhulu after a heated confrontation over her affair with her husband. She also alleged that the homewrecker visited her matrimonial house in Nketa 9 suburb, Bulawayo, and struck her with a bolt cutter before she pepper-sprayed her in the eyes. 

‘On 11 March 2020 at around 10 pm the respondent came to my house purporting to be looking for my husband. I got out and I asked her not to disturb our peace. She became violent threatening to assault me. I stood my ground and she eventually left.

‘I am employed by the Ministry of Home Affairs as a police officer and I am currently based at Nkulumane Police Station. I hold the rank of Assistant Inspector. I am married to my husband and have been married to him for 16 years and we have two minor children.

‘Sometime in August 2019, I discovered that the respondent (Sithulisiwe Mthimkhulu) was having an affair with my husband and I sent her a message telling her that was married to me and that as such she should back off.

‘She responded through a WhatsApp message saying that she knows that my husband was married and that she only needed him for sex as and when necessary.

‘In the same WhatsApp message, she indicated that she too was married and that it was not her intention to wrestle my husband away from me,” Lunga’s papers read in part.

She said from the time she asked her boss to stop having an affair with her husband she turned violent and started harassing her by sending vulgar messages via WhatsApp.