Liberty Chamisa’s Wife Caught In Compromising Position With A Prophet.
28 June 2020
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Travolta Dzingai

A Rusape prophet rues the day he was caught in bed with a married congregant who was having marital problems.

On Fathers’ Day eve, June 20, 2020, the man of cloth, Travolta Dzingai’s luck ran out bringing shame not only to the youthful prophet but those surrounding him as well leaving questions to those he used to give marriage counsel.

Church members teamed up to expose Dzingai’s weaknesses for the fairer s_x and went on to reclaim donations they made to the church dissociating themselves to the disgraced Dzingai prompting him to switch base to Harare.

Dzingai, allegedly separated with his wife, is said to have taken advantage of his close friend and assistant, head of protocol in the church, Liberty Chamisa’s marital woes with his wife Moline Chamisa (20), to try and seduce her.

Chamisa and his wife are reported to have approached Dzingai for assistance and prayers since they were having marital problems.

However, Dzingai is said to have tried to convince Moline to dump her husband for him.

Moline was not flattered and informed her husband about Dzingai’s manoeuvres.

In an interview, Chamisa narrated how he managed to trap Dzingai.

“We were having marital challenges and we approached the prophet for counselling. Surprisingly he preferred dealing with my wife in my absence. He then started making s.e.xual advances on her, but my wife spurned him and informed me.

“At first I thought my wife was having an affair with him and decided to trap Dzingai. I took my wife’s phone and sent some text messages to him (which were seen by this publication).

“Dzingai thought Molline had fallen for him and he started pestering her for s_x. He had no clue he was chatting with me.

“Last week on Friday, I informed church members of my intention to trap him, but we shelved the move to Saturday.

“They wanted proper evidence to nail him so we continued talking via text messages, up to Saturday evening.

“Senior female church members came to my house that day and advised my wife on what to do upon Dzingai’s arrival. They told her that for them to believe that the prophet really wanted to sleep with her, he would have to undress for her.”

When Dzingai came around 8.30pm, he had no clue that Chamisa and the other church members were seated in the dining room. “My wife welcomed him and took him to the bedroom. Moline told him she was preparing some tea for him in the kitchen and asked him to get into the blankets. Within minutes, Dzingai had undressed, leaving only his socks and boxer short on. “She then came to the dining room and informed us that the semi-n_ked Dzingai was already in bed,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa and the church members then dashed to the bedroom. “The semi-n_ked Dzingai begged for forgiveness as we confronted him.

He had brought three condoms, but I doubt he was ever going to use them,” said Chamisa.

The [email protected] Dzingai was later on paraded on the streets of Vengere high-density suburb’s UVE section, thereby attracting the attention of hundreds of people.

In a recorded audio clip, Dzingai is heard begging for forgiveness as angry onlookers were baying for his blood.

He also promised to leave the church, saying he is no longer fit to lead it.

However, he has since dismissed the incident as the work of his detractors who wanted to grab the reins of power in the Glory of All Hope Church, which he founded four years ago.

In a telephone interview on Tuesday, Dzingai said he was set up by church members. “I can’t say much on the phone, especially to reporters, but all I can tell you is that it was a set up.

On dating church members, I do not know those allegations. I can’t fight them, it is their decision, and it is their agenda to destroy the church.

“They have succeeded in executing their plan. I am also partly to blame because I allowed myself to be dragged into this mud,” said Dzingai.