Kasukuwere Denies Writing An Apology Letter to Zanu PF
29 April 2024
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By A Correspondent| Self-exiled former cabinet minister Savior Kasukuwere has denied writing a letter of apology to Zanu PF.

This follows one C Mukungunugwa’s post on X where he said Kasukuwere and Mzembi had written to Zanu PF apologizing and seeking re-admission into the ruling party.

“I’ve just been infomed that the duo,@Hon_Kasukuwere and @waltermzembi have written a 5 page long letter of apology seeking to be readmitted back to the Revolutionary Party ZanuPF,this comes after almost 7 years of their stay in exile,more details coming, kwapisa kunze uko,” said Mukungunugwa.

In response, Kasukuwere dared Mukungunugwa to produce the letter confirming his allegations

Mzembi also joined in warning Mukungunugwa to stop misrepresenting facts adding that he has no reason to apologize.

“Stop misrepresenting Cdes. Under my hand , I have not written to anyone asking for forgiveness. What would I be asking forgiveness for ? I asked God for forgiveness many a time and every day . That ( forgiveness) I only ask from the Lord God Almighty , He alone genuinely forgives. The rest is vanity,” said Mzembi.