Herald Correspondent Pegs Mnangagwa With Adolf Hitler
9 August 2020
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WEEK ROUNDUP- By A Correspondent | ZANU PF heavyweights have spoken warning Emmerson Mnangagwa among other things that he is now to be paired with Adolf Hitler and other genocide criminals. Party Deputy Chairperson [Youth League] Rockefeller Zimba said: “there’s no point in me sitting there and saying no no no there is no police brutality in Zimbabwe; there is there is no point in me sitting there saying that there is no corruption in Zimbabwe, it is sanctions, that is utter nonsense. I am sure we are much clever and that.

“How do you sleep at night knowing that so many people have died because of the decisions you have made? How do you sleep at night knowing that other people are suffering because of your greed and you want to blame it on sanctions? Let us be real let us be real.”


Top Herald Correspondent Reason Wafawarova goes further to tell Mnangagwa to his face that he now than the risk of being labelled “alongside Adolf Hitler…” VIDEO –

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