ANC Visit Proves There Is A Political Crisis In Zimbabwe- President Chamisa
11 September 2020
President Chamisa

Farai Dziva|The visit to Zimbabwe by the ANC delegation proves beyond doubt that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe, President Nelson Chamisa has said.

According to President Chamisa, Zanu PF has totally abandoned the fundamental values of the liberation struggle.

“Thank you ANC for a frank and principled engagement!

Any liberation history or relationship that negates human rights, people’s fundamental freedoms, holding of credible elections and respecting of the WILL of the people is hollow & counter-revolutionary.Zimbabwe is burning!

That the ANC has had to visit and be in Zimbabwe and not Namibia or Zambia or Mozambique or any other country in the region is a confirmation that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe and that ZimbabweanLivesMatter. #Godisinit,” President Chamisa said in a brief statement.