Abducted Man Slapped With Lawsuit
12 September 2020

A Mapembe man who has been to hell and back over wizardly allegations is being sued by fellow villagers who recently abducted him after he snubbed Chief Marange’s court over the case.

In their application which was heard by Mutare magistrate, Ms Notebulgar Muchineripi on Tuesday, Tasiya Mapa, Talkmore Jera and Levi Chikwanha said they had approached Chief Marange’s court to seek redress over the wizardly issue.

The three are accusing Heka of bewitching them and their children as well as using good luck charms to steal from other villagers. The trio recently abducted Heka and kept him hostage for days as they assaulted him in an attempt to force him to confess. During the whole ordeal, Heka was kept in shackles.

Fellow villagers then came to his rescue. Heka has since applied for a protection order against the gang, which was granted last month as the three were advised not to take the law into their own hands.

In their recent court application, the three stated that Heka has been disrespecting them and Chief Marange’s court by ignoring the traditional leader’s summons.

“We approached Chief Marange’s court for redress but Heka snubbed the hearing. We have explored all avenues to solve this matter,” said Chikwanha.

He claimed that they can prove the wizardly allegations they are levelling against Heka, hence his resistance to appear before the traditional leader’s court.

“When we abducted him, we were ignorant of the law. We were advised to approach Chief Marange’s court and we did exactly that. Now Heka is not showing up as he knows that his hands are dirty.

“He has been using juju to bring misfortunes to our families. We have consulted a number of traditional and faith healers and they have all pointed their fingers to him,” said an irate Mapa.

However, Heka said he does not understand why he is being summoned to the chief’s court when his abduction case is still pending before the criminal courts.

“They should allow the criminal case to come to its logical conclusion before the courts. I will appear before Chief Marange after a ruling is passed on the abduction case. In fact, they are lying that I was summoned by Chief Marange as a way of getting back at me,” he said.

Ms Muchineripi advised Heka to file an opposing affidavit to the trio’s application.

The matter was adjourned to a later date. -Manica Post