Bosso, Dembare Join Fight Against Coronavirus
13 September 2020

PREMIERSHIP giants Dynamos and Highlanders have come together to use their influence to fight stigma that may be associated with those who would have contracted coronavirus.

Dubbed “Covid-19 Anti-stigma campaign”, the two domestic football powerhouses’ players and coaches will be urging support instead of discrimination against victims of coronavirus.

The Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund (ZRBF), a multi-donor programme which is leading the campaign, has engaged DeMbare and Bosso after recognising the power that the country’s biggest sport — football — has in uniting the nation.

“We decided to partner with sports personalities in our anti-stigma campaign, as we found the local teams were extremely passionate about serving their communities and were looking for ways to get involved in the Covid-19 response, so it really was a natural fit.

“These sports personalities have built credibility over many years with their audience, so can reach Zimbabweans in an impactful way to get this important message across,’’ said Aaron Sundsmo, Team Leader of the Resilience Knowledge Hub at ZRBF.-The Sunday Mail