Police Out To Fish Out CIO Vehicles Moving Around With No Number Plates In Blitz
16 September 2020

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) on Tuesday issued a statement advising motorists that all vehicles moving on the roads without number plates will be impounded.

Members of the dreaded CIO are well known for driving around in vehicles with no registration plates. These have been used in several abductions and illegal arrests.

Below is the statement in full:


Reference is made to the statement issued on 8th September 2020 with regards to vehicles moving around without number plates.

The Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure has formally advised the police that there are adequate stocks of number plates but motorists are reluctant to acquire them, thereby posing a security risk on the roads.

In this regard, the police will impound all vehicles moving on the roads without number plates.

There is no justification for any motorist to drive vehicles on the road without number plates.

Motorists are urged to cooperate and if there are any challenges, they should approach the relevant authorities.

Police Commanders have been directed to ensure that only vehicles with number plates are allowed passage at roadblocks, checkpoints and other security points.

Members of the public should take this warning seriously and contribute towards the maintenance of law and order on the roads.

[NYATHI. P] Assistant Commissioner Senior Staff Officer [Press, Public and International Relations]